I have so many ideas for things I want to do – how do I choose between them?

Is your head buzzing with ideas for all of the things you’d like to do one day?  

Perhaps you have lots of interests inside and outside of work, but you can’t figure out a way to bring them all together.

One day, you are convinced you want to go back to university, another, you’d like to go and live in another country (off grid, ideally), then you are thinking of a complete career change, then maybe you’ll leave work and become an artist, or maybe you’d like to progress at work and get a promotion…there are so many ideas that you become paralysed and don’t actually do anything! 

So, how to choose between all of the options?

Well, what if you didn’t have to choose?  What if you could view your life from a distant perspective and see a way to do all the things that matter to you? 

Let’s zoom out a bit.  Look at your whole life, from beginning to end. 

If you like, you could imagine your life as a trail stretching across a landscape.  There are paths there already, one in particular is really well worn – school, then a traditional career of work, work, work, a few promotions along the way, then finally retire.  There are other, less well trodden but interesting looking paths.  Or maybe you will create your own completely new path across the landscape.  Which path will you take?

Now try this:

  1. Looking at your life from this vantage point, from beginning to end, can you imagine a way to fit in all the things you would like to do?  For example, a portfolio career, part time working, several careers in one lifetime, taking time off work to persue a creative dream, taking a year out…
  2. Imagine you could live as many lives as you want.  What would you do in each lifetime?  Write whatever comes into your head, however silly it may seem!  What attracts you to these lives? 
  3. Imagine that you have plenty of money and you can spend it on whatever you want.  You really don’t need to worry about money.  How would you weave together your many interests, talents, skills, your need to find meaning and make a difference into a way of life?  What would you be doing?  Where would you be?  Who would you be with? 

What do the answers to the exercises above tell you about your next steps? 

If you would like to discuss how coaching can help you to figure out how to take all of your interests and combine them into a life that suits you, please book a Discovery Call with me.

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